Essential Behaviors To Teach Your Puppy Today

You will have joy and snuggles when you add a puppy to your family. To be a healthy, well-mannered adult dog, a puppy must be loved and trained. It doesn’t matter if your puppy is young or not, it does not mean that it is too early to begin training. Early training can teach your puppy many important behaviors that will help him stay healthy and happy throughout his life. Let’s take a look at the essential behaviors you can teach your puppy from day one.


It may seem simple, but teaching your dog to “watch” can make a huge difference in his behavior. It is simple to learn and easy to teach. The trick is designed to get your dog’s attention to you. A simple “watch” can help your dog redirect their attention from a dangerous task. Dogs can learn to “watch” with just a few repetitions and retain that behavior throughout their lives.


The “sit” command has become a common behavior and many dog owners will start teaching it from an early age. Our Perrysburg dog training classes want our puppy owners to feel comfortable using the “sit command” so that they can start learning the basics of dog training. Sitting down on command can calm an anxious dog and teach them good manners around other dogs or people. Sitting on command is a great way to teach your dog how to sit. This will help calm your dog when you are distracted. A simple “sit” command will get you started on many advanced behaviors and tricks.

It’s Yours!

Any puppy that is curious will be quick to investigate any food or movement of a new friend. What happens if the food is unsafe or the new friend is not friendly? The “leave-it” command can be used to teach your dog to stop doing what it is doing, and to pause to receive further instructions. Although the “leave-it” command can be stern and forceful, it can often make the difference in saving your dog’s life. It is easy to teach, and even easier for puppies who are young.


Although it sounds simple in theory, your puppy may find it difficult to learn the “come” command. Although your puppy will usually come running into you when you call them, it can be hard to tell your dog to come when they are playing with their friends. To give your dog plenty of time to learn the command, start training it early. You can keep your dog calm and well-mannered by teaching him “come”. The “come” command is simple and effective. It should be a standard for every pet parent.

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