Thomo live bantam fighting and what you need to know

Cockfighting is a form of entertainment that many people love and choose to participate in to relax. Among them, bantam cockfighting is sought after by more and more people because of its attractiveness. You are looking for a place to watch and bet on bantams but don’t know where. So let’s come to live bantam fighting thomo. You will experience exciting and exciting matches. For more clarity on this issue, please refer to the following article. We will share about bantam cockfighting issues at Thomo and the issues you need to know.
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What is bamboo cockfighting?

Bamboo cockfighting is a form of entertainment that is increasingly popular across the country. The origin of bamboo chickens is raised in the Southwest of Vietnam. Bamboo chickens are small fighting chickens, only ranging from 400g to 800g depending on whether they are male or female. According to many professional chicken players, the appropriate weight for a bantam chicken is 600g. Bantam chickens usually have long, shiny feathers that cover the entire body.

Besides, what makes the bantam chicken famous is the species’ aggressiveness. Although they are small, they are ready to fight with the leaders of the pack. If you are someone who often watches and participates in live bantam fights, Thomo will clearly see this. An aggressive bantam can defeat another opponent several times heavier than its own body.

Bamboo chicken breeds are popular in our country

In Vietnam, there are many different breeds of bantam chickens. However, the two bantam chicken breeds below are often known to many people. Because they often participate in live bantam fights.

  • Bamboo Banana Chicken: This chicken breed for males will have white, red and black feathers. The neck and back feathers are usually white with a few black stripes in the middle. The remaining parts are pure black. As for the females, they will have white and black feathers.
  • Bamboo cashew chicken: For males, the back and tail feathers will be white, black, and red. The back is purple or fire red. Females are usually brown and black.

How to identify good fighting bantams

Want to participate in Thomo live cockfighting betting and win. You need to know how to identify whether they are really good stones or not. So how to recognize that they are good fighting bantam breeds? This is quite difficult for people who do not have much experience to recognize. Actually, to recognize which animal fights well, you just need to rely on some characteristics such as appearance, physical condition,…


The first way you need to know is through your body. Good awareness will help you participate more in live bantam betting. Specifically, the following 5 external characteristics will help you easily identify:

  • They have a large neck, almost as long as the body
  • Has a broad back and long, stiff wings
  • The beak is strong, the mouth is wide, the head is mulberry and the eyes are square
  • They have quite large thighs
  • The legs have long, pointed iron claws

Physical condition

Besides how to recognize through physical appearance. You can recognize them through their physical condition. This way of identification makes it easier for you to participate in Thomo live cockfighting betting. You can refer to some of the following ways to identify:

  • Mouth: Use your hand to open their mouth and they begin to observe. If they do not smell bad and are not slimy inside, this will be a sign that the chicken is in good health. In particular, if you notice that chickens have short tongues, it proves that they are healthy bantam chickens. When fighting, these animals will have extremely dangerous and sharp attacks. They can easily knock down their opponents within a few minutes.
  • Wings: Use your hands to hold the chicken and throw it into the sky to observe. If the flight time is long and the wing kicking movements are strong and strong, it proves that they have good wings.
  • Legs: Use your hands to hold the chicken higher than its head. Then release them randomly so they land on their own. If you see chickens landing without falling or wobbling, it proves they have strong legs. On the contrary, if you see them landing but falling, it shows that they are chickens in poor physical condition.


To make Thomo live bantam fighting betting more effective. You need to spend time observing their fighting skills in the first matches. Specifically, how to recognize a chicken with the ability to load its hind legs. During the match, when the chicken feels hungry, the chicken knows how to dodge and move aside. Or they can react by blocking the opponent.

Watch live bantam cockfight Thomo Cambodia

Bantam fighting is using talented bantams to compete with each other. The organization and rules of the game are quite similar to other types of cockfighting. If you are looking for a place to watch bantam cockfighting but don’t know where. Then come immediately to Thomo live bantam fighting. Here, live matches from famous cockfighting arenas are always shown in HD quality.


The article above is all information about bantam fighting and how to recognize good fighting cocks. At the same time, we have also shared with you where to watch live bantam fighting thomo. Hopefully what we have said above can help you have the best experience. Wishing you have moments of comfortable relaxation.

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