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Exploring The Introducer Sheath Made by APT Medical

The performance of introducer Sheath is critical to the PCI procedure, especially for complex PCI procedures.. Healthcare professionals and hospitals require introducer sheaths with thin wall design and excellent kink resistance to successfully achieve surgical goals while maintaining patient safety. This article explores the introducer sheath that APT Medical offers, emphasizing how well they may meet certain clinical objectives and offer improved medical solutions.

6.5F Braidin™ introducer sheath

The Braidin™ 6.5F introducer sheath is a remarkable addition to the Braidin™ introducer sheath. Specifically made to go with the 6.5F guiding catheter, this introducer sheath is a testament to APT Medical’s dedication to innovation. Its braided stainless steel structure offers a smaller outer diameter compared to conventional 6F introducer sheaths, while providing a 0.5F larger inner diameter. This unique design allows for seamless access during procedures and enhances patient comfort.

The Leading Manufacturer and Supplier

APT Medical has emerged as a renowned manufacturer and supplier of interventional cardiology medical devices, dedicated to advancing the field through technological advancements and innovative solutions. Since its establishment in 2002, APT Medical has made substantial investments in research and development (R&D), laying a strong foundation for its success in technology advancement and market expansion. Collaborations with clinicians, hospitals, and universities have further fostered the development of pioneering products and solutions that empower medical professionals to enhance patient treatment.


APT Medical’s product portfolio encompasses a wide range of specialties, including Electrophysiology, Cardiology and Peripheral. This diverse range of products instills confidence in clinicians, equipping them with the tools needed to tackle various clinical challenges. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, APT Medical strives to be a leader in the interventional field while prioritizing the health and well-being of humanity.

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