10 Factors To Consider While Selecting The Perfect Women Heels

Heels are a treasured component of most women’s shoe collections and lend a sensual touch to any ensemble. They complement almost everything – dresses, sarees, skirts, jeans, and the list goes on. However, most women have a love-hate relationship with heels as they are great for festive and party wear but lack comfort. If you too would love to wear heels without worrying about your comfort or confidence, consider these 10 factors while buying heels for the best fit.

Women’s Heels And Its Types:

Footwear that is raised above the ground level is known as heels. There are many different types, textures, and patterns of heels. Here is a broad categorisation based on length:

  1. Kitten: 2 inches and below
  2. Mid: 2–3 inches
  3. High: 3–4 inches
  4. Extreme:5 inches and above

How To Pick The Perfect Heel:

  1. Right Size: Do women heels seem more restrictive after a few steps? It’s because of the increased pressure that causes your feet to swell. To ensure you receive the right size, try measuring your foot after wearing high heels for a few minutes. When purchasing high heels, think about going one size up.
  2. Height: You must consider a combination of factors before picking the right heel height. Whether you want to tower over everyone else or want a minimal boost, the height you wish to achieve should be the first factor to consider. Next, your comfort and confidence in the different heights should dictate your final choice.
  3. Shape: The bottom portion of your feet creates a particular shape that you should be aware of when purchasing women heels. Ensure the base of the heels matches the shape of your foot and that it stays inside the base and does not protrude for a balanced distribution of weight.
  4. Budget: For daily wear kitten and high heels, consider opting for low and mid-range options of high quality. Consider investing in an expensive pair of women heels for statement occasion wear looks as they go through less wear and tear.

More Things To Know

Comfort is still a key topic of discussion when referring to high heels. Give the suggestions below a try when wearing women heels and your feet will surely appreciate it!

  1. Trying On Several Options: For many people, wearing high-heeled stilettos is the ultimate goal, but be sure it’s the proper fit for you by trying on several heel types and heights. Should you be transitioning from flats to heels, wedges or block heels may be a more appropriate option. If you have only ever worn kitten heels, switching to block heels before attempting high stilettos will be appropriate. To give your feet time to adjust, always remember to gradually increase the heel height.
  2. Breaking Them In: One should avoid wearing women heels straight out of the box and stepping out. Rather, try walking in them after wearing them around the house to expand them to fit your feet. Additionally, it helps prevent blisters or weary feet on the day of events. Before wearing them outside, this will also rule out any issues related to the fit or size.
  3. Padded Inserts: A terrific tip for total beginners, padded inserts can help you become acclimated to walking in women heels by providing the padding that heels frequently lack. The location of the padding will be determined by the pressure points on your feet and which section needs the support.
  4. Taping Toes: Many online hacks purport that taping together your third and fourth toes relieves pressure on the pain-producing nerve. Think of this less as scientific evidence and more as a tip for staying comfortable in narrow-toed shoes. However, it is not advised for open-toed shoes unless you don’t mind the tape showing.
  5. Self Care: Never, ever disregard your wounds. If you have blisters or sores, stay away from wearing heels since this can only make the situation worse. For mild blisters, you can apply over-the-counter ointments. In a similar vein, pay attention to any ankle pain or muscle strains. As needed, take a break from heels to care for your foot.


Although it goes without saying that you can wear any height you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind to be comfortable. You don’t want to wake up the next day with painful feet from a night of dancing or strolling around wedding venues in sarees or lehengas. Your foot’s shape is one of the most important things to take into account. Make sure your foot fits snugly inside the shoe and does not protrude from the sides. Ensure you are picking the right heel height for your needs and comfort. The correct height for you can be determined by measuring the distance between the ball of your foot and your heel. Bear in mind that not everyone will benefit from these suggestions. To make sure you get a suitable fit, give the heels a test run at home, and then make your final pick. You can order womens heels.

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