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Trang Chủ New88 The name has appeared many times in the Asian reward betting market, and is one of the veteran bookmakers with many good reputations. Players who register for VIP can enjoy endless incentives, unlimited deposits and exchanges, and are also guaranteed to be safe. Together  New88 Find out now in the article below!

 New88 How was it born?

New88, To be dealer Legal and completely reputable, recognized by PAGCOR. The bookmaker was born in 2012 and can also be said to be one of the veteran units in this entertainment market. During 10 years of serving players, the house has also created a lot of reputation for itself.

In addition to being recognized by PAGCOR, the bookmaker is also managed and supervised by First Cagayan entertainment and resort joint stock company. The house operates 24/7 and is always monitored, providing many reputable betting products to the market.

The house also cooperates with many reputable distribution units to produce quality betting products. Simultaneously New88 There is also technical cooperation with many units such as CX, AG, OG… to be able to bring a quality platform system.

Being born early doesn’t mean it can’t keep up with the times. New88 Always constantly looking for new things and constantly innovating, opening a new entertainment paradise for players.

Not only reputation from betting products, New88 also provides reputable consulting services to provide maximum support to all domestic and international members. Along with attractive exchange features, players can accumulate investments and earn more from the system.

When playing games at the house, players can have an intuitive and accurate view. The game is transparent, the system operates legally, so people don’t need to worry much when playing the game.

Dealer New88 How is it now?

It’s not simply because they have 10 years of experience that the bookmaker is so supported by players, even though it’s been 10 years, New88 Always maintain the style of moving forward, changing people’s views on the old.

Reliable bookmaker

Nowadays, bookies are springing up like mushrooms, many still consider themselves reputable, but in reality, the experience is completely different. But at New88 All betting activities are in accordance with the regulations of the monitoring organization, ensuring strictness and transparency.

The house also does not commit illegal acts such as tax evasion or fraud. Furthermore, the fraud prevention regulations are also updated to be extremely clear to prevent fraudsters from being blamed. So everyone just stay calm and participate, no need to pay too much attention to this issue.

Privacy Policy New88

Because we have 10 years of experience in the market, New88 understand very well the concerns of players, that’s why the house constantly works hard, improving the reputation system, ensuring security for all players when participating.

New88 Committed to ensuring privacy for everyone, dealing with the current situation of numerous hackers. In addition, everyone also needs to coordinate well with the house’s regulations and policies to maintain good benefits for themselves.

Transaction speed

The house allows people to deposit bets and exchange bonuses quickly with simple procedures. In just 5 to 10 minutes, money delivery will be safe. In addition, people can also choose the appropriate deposit method to save time such as ATM, internet banking, momo…

Promotion policy

This is one of the biggest plus points of the house New88. It can be said that there are few bookmakers that can pamper players like this New88. When you come here, you will have many opportunities to open prizes. Whether you are a new player or have been playing for a long time, you will receive a lot promotion different attractions.

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Link to the bookmaker New88

In Vietnam, online betting games are not allowed by law, so it is inevitable that you will not access them. New88 Okay. However, players do not need to worry about this issue because currently the bookmaker New88 is providing many additional links, helping players to access and play games here easily.

To ensure that betting and betting games run smoothly and without any interruption, players can access 3 backup links of New88 as follows:

  • Access link on computer:
  • Access link on iOS:
  • Access link on Android:

Players can log in on any computer or device and operating system without any fear. The link is provided securely, supporting players with convenient and memorable entertainment moments.

Promotions at New88

Offers are updated continuously, everyone can follow the homepage for more details:

  • New players who join will have the opportunity to receive 30,000 VND immediately when downloading the app New88 about.
  • Newbies who deposit for the first time will be lucky to receive a discount of up to 35%.
  • Every day it is possible to receive a deposit refund of up to 2.2%.
  • In the lottery bet, there is also the opportunity to receive prizes up to 18,888,000 VND.
  • Playing the fish shooting game and passing the level will receive a gift worth 110,734 VND.
  • Lost bet bonus will be refunded up to 1,888,888 VND.

Huge game store New88

Dealer New88 famous throughout the world online betting game market thanks to its methodical and professional investment in its services. The game system is “super huge”, meeting almost all types of betting games for players. Here are some of the most attractive games that people cannot miss:


The main product of the house is this diverse sports game store, not only meeting the quantity, each sports game here shows the quality and reputation for the house. All sports games have eye-catching, easy-to-read interfaces, without causing a sense of chaos like some bookmakers today.

Besides, players can experience sports games New88 smoothly thanks to stable transmission speed. The most prominent among sports games is Football, a game with attractive odds, full of matches and tournaments, regularly updated with high accuracy rates.

Another outstanding feature at the house is the support for watching live streams at major tournaments. In case the live stream cannot be supported, a professional narrator will describe it with images for players to easily grasp.

Online Casino – Online Casino

The house has invested quite a lot in the online Casino game category, with outstanding advantages in the online Casino category New88 is:

  • There is a dealer when playing live.
  • There are a variety of 3D simulation game modes.
  • Diverse and famous games, some prominent titles are: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slotgame, Number game, etc.
  • The image and game quality are extremely good, the interface is easy to see, easy to control and operate.
  • Transparent policy, no cheating, clear game rules,
  • Providing exclusive games that few bookmakers have (Playtech games, 1×2 Gaming)

Mini game

If you are bored with the games above, you can consider participating in the mini games section right away. There are hot games on the market recently, games with modern graphics, very simple content and for entertainment purposes. The game is constantly updated, allowing players to keep up with trends, and also increasing entertainment when people come to play at the game. New88.

With the above information, everyone can see the good aspects of the house’s service New88 as well as attractive entertainment games. To not miss out on opportunities and incentives, register as a member now to participate.


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