Dramatic Knife Cockfighting Only at New88 Playground

Knife cockfighting is the most popular betting genre on the market today. The reason is because of the excitement and attraction in each match. You can watch live cockfighting broadcast on the official website of bookmaker New88. In addition, you can also bet for real money without having to go far.
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What is knife spur cockfighting?

Knife cockfighting is certainly a term that is no longer unfamiliar to players who are passionate about cockfighting betting. However, this is still a question for players who are new to this sport or have little exposure to it.

To put it simply, the fighting cocks will be equipped with a knife spur to increase the damage and drama of the matches. Although these knife spurs are only 5cm long, they are extremely sharp, easily cutting opponents quickly.

When participating in cockfighting betting, players are guaranteed to be immersed in the passionate atmosphere of attractive performances. In addition, you can bet money on cocks that you feel have the potential to win many valuable rewards. What are you waiting for? Sign up to become a member right away, right?

Advantages of playing cockfighting at New88

It cannot be denied that the bookmaker’s cockfighting lobby is increasingly attracting a large amount of attention from betting enthusiasts. Let’s find out some outstanding advantages with New88!

How to play is easy

Cockfighting Cua Dao has the easiest way to play among most of the games being offered by New88. You just need to bet on your favorite cock and wait to receive your reward. Currently this game does not have any betting software that can intervene. Therefore, you can be completely assured about the reputation, transparency and fairness when experiencing at the playground.

Many exciting matches

Players who have experienced and personally witnessed cockfighting matches at New88 must admit that this place is an ideal place to relieve stress and satisfy their passion. Enjoying it just once will make you remember it forever.

The house provides players with a series of famous contests and cockfighting matches around the world. In addition, there is the convergence of many famous chicken breeds such as bamboo chickens, Peruvian chickens, Vietnamese chickens, etc. All will bring you the most enjoyable moments of relaxation.

Join anytime, anywhere

Instead of having to waste time and money traveling to actual cockfighting arenas, players can now watch matches easily with a smartphone. Each match lasts only about 20 minutes and the number of matches is also continuously updated by the house every day. Therefore, you can watch anytime and anywhere if you have free time.
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Quality sound and images

New88 pays great attention to investing in the transmission system, so it is not too difficult to understand that the cockfighting matches here all possess realistic 3D images and vivid sound. Furthermore, the 360-degree camera system is installed on 4 sides to help players fully observe and not miss any valuable moments of the matches.

High value offers

When you experience online betting at the house, you will receive countless attractive incentives with high value. Some popular programs include:

  • Give great gifts to new members participating in cockfighting for the first time.
  • Bet refund mode every week with a discount rate proportional to the membership level the player owns.
  • Incentives for long-time members (VIPs) and members with the number of payment transactions reaching the maximum value according to regulations.

Revealing tips for playing cockfighting

With the desire to bring more wins to players, New88 has compiled some of the most commonly used playing tips. Please pay special attention to the following shares!

  • Observe carefully the gait and appearance of the cock. If you have a strong physique and a champion who walks majestically and returns, you have great potential in competition.
  • Choose chickens with large wings, smooth feathers and strong legs. Triangular beak, sharp and long spurs. These will be very aggressive fighting cocks, easily defeating their opponents in seconds.
  • Refer to or review each chicken’s competition history to know its achievements. From there, make the right betting choice for yourself.

The above article is a summary of information about cockfighting at the playgroundNew88. Hopefully the above shares will help you have interesting experiences when betting at the house. Let’s follow New88 to update more exciting matches!

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