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Enjoy Uninterrupted Hunting with HIKMICRO’s Thermal Clip-On

For hunters looking to enhance their hunting experience, HIKMICRO‘s Thermal Clip-On, known as HABROK, is the perfect companion. In this article, we’ll explore how HABROK ensures convenience with its replaceable and rechargeable batteries, allowing hunters to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. In addition, we’ll also delve into the versatile applications of HABROK’s high resolution thermal camera, making it suitable for various industries.

Convenience with Replaceable and Rechargeable Batteries

HIKMICRO’s HABROK Thermal Clip-On offers convenience with its replaceable and rechargeable batteries. The HABROK multi-spectrum binocular comes with four 18650 batteries, providing an impressive 6-hour continuous operation with each charge. This extended battery life ensures that hunters can enjoy their games without power anxiety. Whether it’s a long hunting session or multiple trips, HABROK’s batteries will keep you powered up, allowing you to capture every special experience in the field. With HABROK, convenience is guaranteed.

Versatile Applications with High-Resolution Thermal Camera

HABROK features a high-resolution thermal camera that opens up versatile applications across various industries. Its high-resolution thermal imaging capabilities make it suitable for building diagnostics, electrical inspections, industrial assessments, mechanical and automotive analysis, HVAC maintenance, and utility applications. With HABROK’s high-resolution thermal camera, users can identify heat signatures, detect anomalies, and perform accurate inspections in different scenarios.


HIKMICRO’s Thermal Clip-On, HABROK, brings convenience and versatility to the hunting experience. With replaceable and rechargeable batteries, hunters can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without worrying about power. Additionally, HABROK’s high-resolution thermal camera opens up a world of versatile applications across various industries. Elevate your hunting experience with HIKMICRO’s Thermal Clip-On, and unlock a new level of convenience and versatility in the field.

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