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SmallRig RC 350D COB LED Video Light: Powerful Illumination and Easy Transport

SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light combines powerful illumination with easy transportability. Equipped with the AstralTech optical system, it delivers exceptional lighting performance with an illuminance of 149,000Lux at one meter. Capture professional-quality footage with reliable and consistent illumination, whether in a studio or on location. Elevate your videography with SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light, compatible with their camera cages, and enjoy powerful lighting capabilities for your portable COB lighting setups.

AstralTech Optical System for Powerful Illumination

SmallRig presents the RC 350D COB LED Video Light, equipped with the innovative AstralTech optical system for powerful illumination. This patent optical system incorporates a 55-degree hyper reflector, enabling the video light to deliver exceptional lighting performance.

With the AstralTech optical system, the RC 350D achieves an impressive illuminance of 149,000Lux at a one-meter distance. This level of brightness ensures that your scenes are brilliantly lit, providing professional-quality lighting for your videography projects. Whether you’re shooting in a studio or on location, the RC 350D delivers reliable and consistent illumination, allowing you to capture stunning footage with ease.

Lightweight Design and Convenient Storage

SmallRig understands the importance of convenience and portability in videography. The RC 350D COB LED Video Light features a lightweight and durable design, making it easy to handle and transport.

Constructed with a combination of metal and V-0 non-inflammable material, the video light offers both sturdiness and safety. The metal construction ensures durability, while the V-0 non-inflammable material provides an added layer of protection during your shoots.


With the SmallRig RC 350D COB LED Video Light, you can experience powerful illumination and easy transport. Benefit from the AstralTech optical system, delivering exceptional lighting performance for professional videography. Enjoy the lightweight design, convenient storage with the detachable cushioning head, and the provided carrying bag for hassle-free transport. Elevate your videography with SmallRig’s commitment to quality and innovation.

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