The ultimate trick to shoot a lot of fish in the fish shooting game

Shooting fish game is an extremely hot game with simple, gentle and extremely attractive gameplay. Together Nhà cái New88 Discover the ultimate fish shooting tips in the article below.

What is a fish shooting game?

If you often go to amusement parks or shopping centers, you will encounter automatic fish shooting game machines. Just buy a slot and put it in the game machine and you will immediately have an exciting round of catching fish.

Originating from a simple children’s game, bookmakers in the betting market have developed and expanded the online fish shooting game genre with attractive graphics and extremely attractive cash rewards.

Just deposit money into the game, and start shooting fish on your phone or laptop screen. The more fish you shoot, the more rewards you will receive. That’s why it has become a game sought after by bettors in the online betting market.

Tricks for playing fish shooting in series that you should know

Rule game Shoot Fish New88 It’s too simple, the more fish you shoot, the bigger the reward. But how to get a lot of rewards without spending too much money requires knowing the following gaming tips:

It is mandatory to know the types of weapons and their effects

Below is a list of weapons used in shooting fish game that you need to clearly understand:

  • Cannon: There are 7 different firing levels, the higher the level, the greater the power.
  • Explosive bomb: Extremely destructive power, one use can kill all types of fish in the surrounding area.
  • Poison: Every time you use this weapon, many types of fish will slow down and make it easier to hit.
  • Radiation: Also increases shooting ability and doubles shooting bonus.
  • Electric shock: Able to shock all fish in the area, reducing blood to make shooting fish easier.
  • Shark trap: Used to catch sharks with a duration of 30 seconds, after which it will expire.
  • Double Gold: If you drop any item, your Gold will be doubled.

For each type of weapon, an equivalent amount of coins will be lost; the more powerful the weapon, the more coins it will cost. Therefore, when playing, you also need to have a shooting strategy to limit your coin spending.

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Aim to shoot at the fish’s head

If you want to hunt fish without spending a lot of coins, immediately apply the method of aiming and shooting at the fish’s head. Just use 4 to 5 large bullets to defeat a 5-cent fish. However, to increase your ability to destroy them, set traps or drop poison to reduce their fighting ability.

Use the method of shooting 3 to 5 rounds at a time

Seize the opportunity when a school of fish of about 10 or more appears, continuously shoot 3 to 5 shots to catch a lot of fish in a short time.

Use the strongest weapon on large creatures

If you encounter a shark, you cannot use regular bullets to shoot. First, it will waste a lot of bullets, second, it will take a lot of time and you may miss this rare opportunity.

For this type of big fish with many coins in the fish shooting game, you must use the strongest and most expensive bullets to aim and shoot. This way of playing will cost you quite a bit of coins, so make sure you have enough coins to play the entire level.

In return, shooting big fish will help players accumulate more points and pass levels faster. Each time, you will have the opportunity to receive 1 of 3 random gift boxes with many valuable rewards, or in-game gifts such as Gold or rare Ruby gems. Not to mention there is also the opportunity to receive an extremely attractive reload promotion of up to 50%.

Use the trick of playing poke

Many people make mistakes when playing fish shooting games. Because I’m too passionate about chasing big fish, but don’t have a specific strategy, it only costs coins and doesn’t receive any bonus points.

So take advantage of the small corner of the fish shooter to shoot small fish. Rotate the gun barrel continuously and shoot each bullet, slowly making sure each bullet hits a fish. For large fish, it only takes 2 to 3 bullets.

Therefore, right from the start of the fish shooting game, Accumulate money by shooting small and medium fish, then move on to larger fish, which will bring much higher efficiency.

Aim and shoot as soon as the fish appears

Focus on shooting as soon as the fish appears, this will help you save time and easily win coins. Your mission is also simpler, just reload and watch for the fish that appears and shoot, making sure not to miss any opportunity to receive rewards.

Above are a few tips for playing the fish shooting game that bookmakers use New88 often used. Becoming a professional fish shooter has never been easier. Follow the house information page New88 for more good tips in betting.

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