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Unleash the Brilliance: Light Sky’s LED Par Light Solutions

In the realm of dynamic lighting solutions, Light Sky presents their latest innovation, LED Par Light Solutions such as the Mamba 12-LED light bar. This remarkable RGB linear LED light bar is designed to captivate and elevate any space with its exceptional features and versatility. From entertainment venues to television sets and events, the Mamba sets the stage ablaze, offering powerful illumination, vibrant colors, and a range of captivating lighting effects.

Powerful Illumination

At the core of the Mamba lies its mighty LED chip configuration. With 12 high-performance 40W LED chips, the Mamba RGB bar light offers a stunning combination of RGBW and RGBL options. This powerful illumination source ensures that your space receives an abundance of light, creating a captivating ambiance that enchants both performers and spectators alike.

Versatile Zoom Range

Light Sky’s Mamba 12 LED light bar takes versatility to new heights with its wide zoom range. From a focused 3.6 degrees to an expansive 53 degrees, this LED light bar allows you to effortlessly adjust the beam angle according to your specific lighting requirements. Whether you need a concentrated spotlight or a broad wash of light, the Mamba delivers with precision and flexibility.

Dazzling Lighting Effects

Light Sky’s Mamba series linear LED light bars are masters of creating captivating lighting effects. With its uniform RGBL color mixing and rainbow lighting capabilities, the Mamba brings your space to life with a mesmerizing display of colors. Whether you’re looking for static or dynamic effects, the Mamba provides an array of stunning options, allowing you to effortlessly transform any setting into a visual spectacle.

Flexible Control Options

Light Sky understands the importance of individual control when it comes to lighting solutions. The Mamba series RGB PAR light offers versatile control options, allowing you to customize colors and effects to your heart’s content. With the ability to adjust each light individually, you have the freedom to craft unique lighting arrangements that perfectly complement your space and event.


Light Sky’s LED Par Light Solutions, exemplified by the Mamba 12-LED light bar, offer an extraordinary combination of power, versatility, and visual impact. With its powerful LED chip configuration, wide zoom range, vibrant colors, and captivating lighting effects, the Mamba is a true game-changer in the realm of dynamic lighting.

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