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Elevate Millimeter Wave Testing Efficiency with Sunyield’s SYCR-Handy Compact Range System

Sunyield, a trusted provider of advanced measurement solutions, introduces the SYCR-Handy, a compact range measurement system developed by Sunyield Technologies. Specifically designed for millimeter wave detection, this small-sized system offers an innovative solution for efficient OTA antenna testing. With its offset feed design and cylindrical quiet zone, the SYCR-Handy enables easy deployment, mobility, and fast implementation, making it an ideal choice for millimeter wave antenna, radar, and detector testing.

Versatile Testing Capabilities for Millimeter Wave Applications
Sunyield’s SYCR-Handy compact range system revolutionizes OTA antenna testing for millimeter wave applications. With its ability to test millimeter wave antennas, radars, and detectors, businesses can ensure optimal performance and functionality of their millimeter wave devices. The compact size and easy mobility of the SYCR-Handy offer unparalleled convenience for testing in various environments.

Easy and Efficient Testing with the SYCR-Handy
The SYCR-Handy by Sunyield simplifies the testing process for millimeter wave devices. Equipped with Sunyield’s one-dimensional turntable, users can select the specific section to be tested, enhancing precision and accuracy. Moreover, the SYCR-Handy supports both active and passive testing modes, accommodating a wide range of test objects within the designed quiet zone size. This flexibility ensures comprehensive testing results for various millimeter wave applications.

Sunyield‘s SYCR-Handy compact range system is a game-changer in the field of millimeter wave testing. With its advanced features, including easy deployment, mobility, and fast implementation, the SYCR-Handy simplifies OTA antenna testing for millimeter wave antennas, radars, and detectors. Trust Sunyield to deliver cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize millimeter wave testing, ensuring optimal performance and functionality for your millimeter wave devices. Experience the convenience and efficiency of the SYCR-Handy to elevate your OTA antenna testing capabilities.

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