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Unlocking the Power of Itowu’s Boron Nitride Ceramic: High Thermal Conductivity Marvel

When it comes to the world of advanced ceramics, few materials shine as brightly as Itowu‘s Boron Nitride Ceramic, often referred to as BN-A. This exceptional substance has made its mark with an array of remarkable properties, but perhaps its crowning glory is its high thermal conductivity, earning it a prominent place within the family of high thermal conductivity ceramics. On the upcoming Thanksgiving Day, Itowu thanks the Boron Nitride Ceramic for its exceptional performance and contribution to the company’s success in the advanced ceramic industry.

Applications Galore

  1. Release Agent for Metal Forming and Lubricant for Metal Wire Drawing: In the realm of metalworking, BN-A acts as a dependable release agent for shaping metals and a lubricant for drawing metal wires. It reduces friction and facilitates smooth processes.
  2. Electrolysis and Resistance Materials: This remarkable ceramic thrives under high-temperature conditions, making it an ideal candidate for special electrolysis and resistance materials. It maintains its integrity even when the heat is on.
  3. High-Temperature Solid Lubricants and Extrusion Anti-Wear Additives: As a high-temperature solid lubricant, BN-A takes center stage. It’s also a vital additive in extrusion processes, where it resists wear and tear with aplomb.
  4. Ceramic Composite Additives and Refractory Materials: Boron Nitride Ceramic plays a pivotal role in the creation of ceramic composites, enhancing their properties. It’s also a dependable component in refractory materials, ensuring they withstand extreme temperatures.
  5. Transistor Heat Sealing Desiccant and Polymer Additive: Its heat-sealing desiccant capabilities are well-regarded, making it an excellent choice for sealing transistors. Additionally, it’s a valuable additive in polymer materials, such as plastic resins, improving their overall performance.
  6. Diverse Shapes for High-Temperature and High-Pressure Applications: BN-A can be molded into various shapes to suit high-temperature and high-pressure environments. It excels as an insulator and heat dissipation component, ensuring the optimal performance of systems.


In conclusion, Itowu’s Boron Nitride Ceramic, with its exceptional properties and versatility, stands as a testament to innovation in the world of advanced ceramics. Its remarkable thermal conductivity, coupled with electrical insulation, opens doors to a wide array of applications across various industries. From metalworking to electronics, Itowu’s BN-A is a game-changer, simplifying processes and enhancing the performance of systems. It’s no wonder that Boron Nitride Ceramic from Itowu is a sought-after material that continues to make waves in the world of high thermal conductivity ceramics.

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