Extremely Hot Bookie Refund Losing Bets Promotion at New88

The bookmaker refunds losing bets unlimited is a special promotion for all members participating in betting at New88. Content and conditions for receiving promotions will be Nhà cái New88 Share in the article below. If you find the losing bet insurance offer attractive, don’t hesitate to sign up New88 Bet to receive immediately.

Introduction to promotions New88  The bookmaker refunds losing bets

New88 is a bookmaker with millions of visitors registering to bet every day. Betting needs at New88 The increase is due to promotions The bookmaker refunds losing bets unlimited. Those who are new to betting may not have much experience, so betting may lose money. However, you can absolutely receive a satisfactory refund with a high rate if you meet the regulations.

Currently, the event to refund lost bets at New88 received the attention of many players. They want to receive bet insurance to recover some of their lost capital and have more opportunities to make more money. Anyone can get a high return, but it depends on the membership class you have.

Content of the bookmaker’s promotion to refund lost bets at New88

There are few bookmakers like this New88 There are many attractive promotions and high bonus rates for all members. The promotional event that helps many people trust and boldly bet on products is the refund promotion. To receive an attractive refund, do not ignore the information about the program content below.

Conditions for receiving refund incentives

First of all, participants need to determine the terms and conditions for participating in the losing bet refund event as follows:

  • Each account that successfully registers when participating in depositing and placing bets can only receive the promotion once.
  • If you are participating in a deposit promotion, referring a friend, etc., you will not be able to participate in the event The bookmaker refunds losing bets.
  • Players do not violate any of the house’s regulations regarding the transaction and provision process and absolutely do not cheat on promotions.
  • Each member needs to participate in a minimum number of 10 betting rounds on any product offered at the house’s game store. New88.
  • The time to change the event to refund lost bets to players will not be announced in advance.

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Refund time and level

After meeting the above promotion conditions, understanding the most basic information about time and refund rate is very important. Let’s take a look at the specific information in the next section.

  • New88 Supporting promotions to refund lost bets for players who bet on the bookmaker’s online game products since the bookmaker’s establishment. Therefore, even if you are a new member for a long time, you can absolutely participate in this hot event.
  • Currently, this promotional event has no end date, so you can participate at any time. To update the most accurate time, please visit New88 Every day to get information.
  • Players can get words The bookmaker refunds losing bets New88 with extremely high returns ranging from 0.2% to 2% of the bet amount spent.
  • The refund amount will be added directly to your account after receiving notification of a successful event and finishing the game, completing the betting round.

Instructions for receiving house promotions to refund lost bets at New88

Overall, the basic content of the refund event of New88 We have updated it above. Be a member and bet at the house New88, you can absolutely receive support money from the unit. Below are instructions for receiving lost bet allowances for those of you who don’t know to refer to immediately.

  • Step 1: Access and register your account, deposit money successfully according to the methods offered by the house. Then, choose a game, consider the capital to bet on products present in the online bookmaker’s game warehouse. New88.
  • Step 2: Complete correctly and in full the prescribed number of betting rounds to receive the refund promotion. If you violate any of the regulations, you will not be allowed to participate in this event. Therefore, you need to learn about specific laws and comply.
  • Step 3: Click now on the promotion section The bookmaker refunds losing bets in the promotions section to participate. The amount will be added directly to your account if the offer meets the conditions.


The article provides players with information about promotions New88 The bookmaker refunds losing bets unlimited. Hopefully the above information will help many new players receive the insurance money immediately when they lose bets at some game halls here New88. We hope you have unlimited earning and betting space with this quite attractive refund rate.

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