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Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology: Redefining PCR Detection

In the field of in vitro diagnostic solutions, Sansure has emerged as a leader, revolutionizing PCR detection with their innovative One-Tube Fast Release Technology and Iponatic 3. This groundbreaking technology has transformed the way pathogens are detected, providing significant advantages over traditional methods.

The advantages of patent nucleic acid release technology

Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology utilizes patent nucleic acid release technology in vitro diagnostic solutions, eliminating the need for heating, centrifugation, or tube replacement during the sample lysis process. This advancement simplifies and expedites PCR detection, saving valuable time and resources for healthcare professionals.

Unmatched Diagnostic Precision

Iponatic 3 from Sansure Biotech sets new standards for diagnostic precision. Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, this advanced solution offers unparalleled sensitivity and specificity, enabling accurate and reliable detection of a wide range of diseases. Its enhanced performance allows healthcare professionals to make well-informed decisions regarding patient care, facilitating early intervention and personalized treatment strategies. With Iponatic 3, Sansure Biotech empowers healthcare providers with the tools they need to improve diagnostic accuracy and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

Achieving quick and efficient pathogen lysis without the need for heating or centrifugation

Sansure’s technology enables healthcare professionals to achieve rapid and efficient pathogen lysis without the need for additional equipment or complex procedures. By simplifying the sample DNA/RNA extraction process through user-friendly operations, Sansure empowers laboratories to perform PCR detection with ease in vitro diagnostic solutions.

Wide Applications and Benefits of One-Tube Fast Release Technology

Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology has wide-ranging applications in diagnostics. It enables high-sensitivity detection across diverse genotypes, expanding the scope of diagnostics and facilitating targeted treatment strategies. By offering comprehensive pathogen coverage, Sansure empowers laboratories to provide more accurate and timely diagnoses. Moreover, the technology drives improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness in laboratory settings, benefiting healthcare providers and patients alike.


In conclusion, Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology is revolutionizing PCR detection in the field of in vitro diagnostic solutions. With its advantages in simplifying the detection process, achieving efficient pathogen lysis, and enhancing sensitivity and reproducibility, this innovative technology offers numerous benefits for healthcare professionals. By enabling high-sensitivity detection and providing comprehensive pathogen coverage, Sansure’s One-Tube Fast Release Technology is transforming diagnostics and improving patient care in this Thanksgiving Day. Let this Thanksgiving be a reminder of how technology enables us to stay connected and cherish our relationships, no matter where we are.

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