What Are Betting Odds? Revealing How to Read 100% Correctly for Beginners

Betting odds becoming more and more popular in the market and attracting a large number of members to experience. Participating players will bet according to the odds applied by the house to increase the fun and find a chance to win big for themselves. So members, let’s learn about interesting forms of entertainment betting on the market.

Overview information aboutAttractive betting odds

To put it simply, these are the odds of a match being won or lost by the bookmaker. Players need to base on the odds to analyze, make predictions about the dominant side and place bets. If you bet correctly, you will receive attractive bonuses according to website regulations.

Depending on each match, the following will be applied betting odds different to increase appeal. Usually the bookmaker will provide a odds table about 1 week before the match takes place. Members will have time to analyze, make comments and join in the passionate entertainment space.

Revealing how to read the most popular odds today

When participating in online sports betting, players can participate in determining the results with a variety of different bets. The most popular forms will be summarized and shared with you in this article below:

Interesting handicap betting odds

This is a popular form, often applied in most sports matches today. The bookmaker will analyze and select the team that is rated stronger as the upper bet, the other side will be ranked as the lower bet. The winning team must accept the remaining team at an appropriate rate applied by the website to ensure balance.

Players need to base on the rate applied by the website to judge and place money on the upper or lower side to win. Each match will have a different rate applied, so it always attracts members to experience such as: 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25,…

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Popular 1×2 bets

This bet is also known by another name: 3-way or European betting. This is the most basic form of predicting results, requiring players to evaluate and place bets on one of three options:

  • 1: Betting odds That means the player thinks the team will win at home.
  • X: Members who predict that the two teams will end in a draw will deposit money on this bet.
  • 2: If the away team wins the final, the person entering this front door will receive a bonus.

Over/Under bet wins big

The betting odds This is given by the bookmaker, asking players to predict the total goals scored by both teams within a specified time. Accordingly, the house will analyze and give a certain percentage to predict the total score of the match. Depending on the performance of the two participating teams, the website will apply different numbers such as: 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.75,… When participating, you need to analyze and place your bet on one of two doors. To be:

  • Over: If the player predicts that the total goals scored will be more than the applied rate, enter this bet.
  • Under: If the participating member thinks the two teams will score less goals, bet on Under.

In addition, in case the total goals scored by both sides is equal to the ratio applied on the website, the bet will be considered a draw. At this time, all members’ bets and participation money will be refunded.

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Bet on the exact score of the match

For betting odds Requires players to identify and bet on the exact outcome of the match. Members need to predict the correct final score to win. Although the risk of this type is quite high, the applied reward is extremely attractive, so it always attracts many members to experience it.

Interesting penalty card odds

Participating players need to comment on the number of red or yellow cards the players must receive when playing on the field during the match. The house can apply handicap bets, Over/Under bets,… for members to try their luck with other interesting bets.

How to calculate rewardsFastest, simplest betting odds

When learning about sports betting odds, players should accurately grasp the bonus calculation rules to ensure their rights. Below are detailed regulations that members need to carefully understand:

  • Win enough: Bonus = Initial capital x odds
  • Win half money: Bonus = 1/2 x initial capital x odds + capital
  • Lose enough: Loss = Initial capital
  • Lose half the money: Loss = 1/2 x initial capital

Above are these betting odds most common on the market. Hopefully you have a brief understanding and grasp the standard reading of each type of bet as well as the rules for calculating rewards. At the same time, players always make accurate judgments, confidently place bets successfully and receive rewards.

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