Everything you need to know about American Football

American football is loved all over the globe, but it is especially popular in America, as its name implies. Americans love the sport. One only has to look at the crowd at an NFL match to understand why. You can also go into your local sports bar and find all the merchandise for your favorite team. You can also find tons of people who will offer their picks for you, so it is not difficult to find NFL picks.

American football can be played at many levels. First, there is the NFL. Next, we have college football. Here, a lot of players will work towards their NFL Draft goal. Finally, we have high school football.

You can learn so much about American football. Take a look below at the most important facts about American football.


The NFL is the highest tier of American football. There are 32 NFL teams currently. Each team is then divided into one of the two conference, which are either American Football Conferences (AFC), or National Football Conferences (NFC). Each division holds four teams and is called North, South East, East, or West.

The Field

The field measures 120 yards in length and 53.3 yards in width. There are multiple lines running across the field, each representing ten yards. The end zones are the ten-yard zones at each end. This is what you want to be looking for on the field. It is considered a touchdown when a team reaches the opposing end zone.

The Teams

Each player in the team is comprised of players from different teams, such as special, offence or deference. All players from the same team cannot be on the same field at the same moment. For example, you won’t have all of the offensive players on the field while the defense players are on. The NFL has a limit of 46 players on any given game day. This is why there are so many players on the sidelines. You can alter your perception of reality by watching your favorite team play in the stadium. Get your Dallas Cowboys tickets today for an unforgettable sensory experience.

The Play

The offensive team is given four downs to move the ball forward 10 yard. If the offensive team is consistent, they can enjoy a lengthy period of possession and make it down the field to score a touchdown. You have two options to get the ball moving forward: running or throwing. Only one forward pass can be made in a play. If the catch isn’t taken at the other end of the field, it is considered incomplete and the offensive team must try again.

The Points

When scoring touchdowns, teams want to score. Six points are awarded to a team for getting the ball in the end zone. A touchdown can be converted into one or two points. This is similar to a rugby conversion where the team tries to kick the ball between two posts.

The Time

Officially, there are four quarters of 15 minutes each. However, due to the number of stoppages during the game, it can take the game up to three hours from start to finish. The clock starts to count down only when a play is active. Therefore, the time between plays does not count. The clock starts counting down when the play is over. Each team has 40 seconds to begin the next one. Otherwise, they will be penalized. Each team also has three timeout options they can use whenever they wish.

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