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Here are 7 key rules to help you choose the right office chair

Poor posture, fatigue, and back pain can all be caused by prolonged sitting. Many musculoskeletal or circulatory system diseases can result. Companies may have employees who can either sit or stand while they perform their duties.

Those who work remotely also have to consider the question of choosing an office chair. Freelancers must spend hours at the computer, despite having less restrictive work conditions.

There are many types of office chairs

There is a hierarchy among office chairs as well as workers. These are the types they are.

The head is the most valuable, costly and functional of all the groups. They can be equipped with all manner of adjustments and a headrest. They are a symbol of the owner’s status. Upholstery is often made from leather in noble colors.

They are more appealing to employees than previous versions. For decoration, you can use synthetic leather or fabric. It is also important to ensure that there are as many settings as possible. The furniture will be used by the entire office and each person has a different height, weight, and body structure. The sitter can adjust the furniture themselves, if necessary.

Visitors: A chair such as this can only be used for a few hours and has many settings that he does not need. You can choose a more luxurious option with a padded chair, leather or a leather substitute cover and a stylish design for reception rooms. For less important rooms, such as the lobby or reception area for workers, use simple textile upholstery.

Other types of chairs are available, including those for gamers and children. These chairs should have the same characteristics as the one for employees. These chairs are smaller and can be adjusted to the height or weight of children.

The best home gamer models have the best adaptability, and can be adjusted to suit any needs. Gamers spend a lot of time at the computer screen so the armchair allows them to change positions. They are distinguished by their design: often, they have bright inserts.


Design and adaptability to individual characteristics are key factors in comfort and health. Let’s look at the key elements.

The base

Chairs are either stationary or mobile. The first type, as the name suggests, is stationary and can be moved around. It does not have wheels. The following bases are available:

“Conference base” is a chair on legs or frame.

“Swivel podium”: Have a leg-stand, and swivel chair;

“Stationary pedestal” – These mobile products look like stationary pedestals but have no wheels.

Mobile models have a crosspiece, which is a long leg with four to five “rays”, to which the wheels attach. This piece can be made from metal or plastic. Contrary to popular belief, high-quality plastic objects are just as strong and durable as metal objects.

The cross is where all the stress from sitting while at work is concentrated. Any part can support between 100 and 120 kg. It is worth paying attention to the glass polyamide or reinforced metal bases if the furniture will be used by a person.

The feet of a person sitting must be flat on the ground. Therefore, the chair height must be adjustable. Modern models include a lever under each seat and a “gaslift” mechanism. It is a cylinder filled with inert gas that is found in the base.


The perfect backrest should follow all curves and provide sufficient support. In the lumbar area, it is recommended that there be an extra bend or roll. On the sides, small ledges are available. This will help to reduce the strain on the spine.

It is crucial that the bend lies in the lumbar area. It is important to find furniture that adjusts the back height when purchasing a chair for someone else.

You should be able to adjust the position of your backrest. In its standard state, it should not exceed 90 degrees. The back won’t get tired. Sometimes, such as at lunch, it is possible to rest almost horizontally.

If you write, draw or do any other type of work while leaning against a desk, a negative angle is required. This means that your back should be as if it were tilted towards the table. This will prevent constriction of blood flow, and excess pressure on the inner leg.

Synchromechanism is one of the most important and essential features. It allows the backrest and seat to adjust to the movements and follow the worker’s movements. This will reduce strain.

The resistance adjustment is another mandatory parameter. You can choose between manual or automatic. It should be able to deflect if the sitter presses down on it. However, not too far. Because everyone is different in weight, the resistance level must be unique for each person.

The rocking mechanism is another favorite feature. It is possible to convert the work chair into a rocking chair. For relaxing and relieving tension in the spine, a mini-workout is a good idea.


It is best to choose a rounded seat with a slight depression at the center. This will allow you sit comfortably and not crawl, while not interfering with blood flow.

The seat should be adjustable in depth. The correct position is one where there is at least 6 cm between the edge and the bend of your knees. A man will slip if the space is smaller than this, while if it’s greater, he’ll sink. To hold onto his legs, he’ll need to strain his legs.

The degree of softness is important for comfort while working. These are some of the options:

Hard – The filler layer of the seat is either absent or thin (this is only in chairs for visitors). It is uncomfortable to sit for long periods on these chairs.

Medium hardness has a thin layer of polyurethane foam or foam padding. They can be sat on for a long time without becoming tired.

Soft – combines a lot of filler with a spring block. It is preferred for people who work for long periods of time and for those who prefer to sit.


Some models don’t have armrests. It is okay to only stay on them for a few hours. After that, your back and arms will get tired. As it turns out, chairs with handles should be preferred for work duties.

When working at a computer, your hand and forearm should lie at the same level. The armrest should also be the same height as that of the table. The height of the armrest should be adjustable. Your arms will hang in the air, and your muscles won’t be able to support them. This requires a lot strength and can lead to a stoop or decrease in performance.

It’s best to purchase an armchair and a table at the same time.

Wide armrests covered in leather and able to adjust the inclination are the best.


Different floor coverings can be covered with different wheels:

Hard floors can be protected by using wheels that have rubberized or soft felt attachments.

Plastic elements are more slippery and are therefore suitable for carpets.

Special mats are available for purchase that protect your floor from scratches and damage caused by the wheels.

You should check the strength and stability of the attachments of the wheels to the support as well as how they ride on the ground.

If you don’t like the fact that the chair can move freely, it is recommended to purchase products with a lockable wheel.


A headrest is not necessary. Here’s why. To allow the neck to relax, it must be adjusted to the body of the person sitting. The anatomy should also not be altered. This is possible when purchasing a chair for your own use, but not when you are furnishing an entire office.

You should consider expensive models that can be adjusted in height and position to give your employees the best possible experience.

A headrest is almost always included in furniture for managers. Its increased size emphasizes the head’s status and adds stability to the environment.

Upholstery material and color

The appearance of the office is determined by the upholstery material. It creates harmony and harmony. There are many types of upholstery.

Because it is expensive, natural leather is only used for high-end objects. It is however not the best option in terms of practicality. Leather is poorly ventilated and can become hot in summer. This upholstery is also easy to scratch. These products should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored away from heaters. These products are expensive and beautiful but not practical.

Artificial leather is less expensive than natural leather, but it has the same drawbacks as its natural counterpart: It’s hot to sit on and easy to damage.

The body is more comfortable with textiles, as it allows him to “breathe”. It absorbs odors easily and can get dirty quickly. The trim cannot be washed. The material loses its appeal and is difficult to remove stains. It is one of the most affordable models, but it is well worth investing in a fabric that is wear-resistant.

Mesh is most comfortable during hot periods, as the seat is well ventilated. It provides back support and springs well. It can get dirty, just like fabric.

The company’s concept and the interior design of the room should guide the choice of color. Laconic black, gray or brown are suitable for serious financial institutions and government agencies. They are not practical and can be difficult to find.

Bright upholstery is a great choice for marketing, travel, or children’s charities. It will set the tone in the room.

Additional parameters

While we have covered all of the major characteristics, there are a few additional criteria that are worth examining.

Dimensions – It is important to take into account the dimensions of the chair when there is limited space. Visitors and employees often have smaller chairs than the furniture at the head. This emphasizes the status of sitters.

You will need certificates of quality to ensure that you have a safe, original, and non-toxic product.

Warranty – Every manufacturer that is serious about its products will offer a warranty. It should be less than five years. If it is, it’s a reason not to trust the brand.

Additional accessories – Some models include certain parts such as spare armrests or floor mats.


It can be difficult to find the right office chair for you. You will have to search through a lot of options before you can find the right model. It is difficult to pick the right chair for you if you don’t know who will be using it. If you are responsible for choosing furniture for your entire office, then it is important to search for the most adaptable furniture.

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