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Yutong’s U11DD Electric Bus: Redefining Urban Transportation with Style and Efficiency

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, Yutong Bus&Coach emerges as a pioneer in sustainable urban transportation solutions. With their exceptional yutong electric bus-U11DD electric double-deck bus, Yutong has set a new standard for efficiency, safety, and style. This cutting-edge vehicle combines advanced technology, eye-catching design elements, and a commitment to passenger well-being, offering a truly remarkable transportation experience.

A Stunning Presence on City Streets

The U11DD electric bus is a testament to Yutong’s dedication to design excellence. Inheriting the U-series family gene, this bus embodies a sleek and modern aesthetic. Its curved surface design exudes a sense of technology, while the racetrack-shaped LED combination headlamps and three-ring shaped LED combination tail lamps make a bold statement wherever it travels. The U11DD stands out among its peers, bringing a premium touch to the cityscape.

Efficiency and Convenience in Maintenance

Yutong understands that efficient maintenance is crucial for keeping buses on the road and minimizing downtime. The U11DD addresses this need with its convenient maintenance features. The front wall and lamp frame skin can be easily turned over, simplifying maintenance tasks and reducing service time. Additionally, the side compartment door boasts a wide 160° opening structure, providing technicians with better access for repairs and inspections.

Impressive Specifications for Unmatched Performance

The U11DD electric bus boasts impressive specifications that contribute to its outstanding performance. With a length of 11 meters, it offers ample space to accommodate up to 82 passengers comfortably. Alternatively, the bus can be configured to provide 24 seats for a more spacious and luxurious experience. The U11DD’s battery capacity of 385 kWh ensures a driving range of over 400 kilometers under SORT 2 conditions, making it a reliable solution for urban transportation needs.

Commitment to Safety and Innovation

Yutong’s electric buses, including the U11DD, go beyond providing sustainable transportation solutions. They adhere to Yutong Electric Safety Standard (YESS) and incorporate a battery nitrogen protection system, ensuring the highest level of safety during vehicle operation. Yutong’s dedication to safety and innovation not only benefits passengers but also inspires confidence in operators and stakeholders.


Yutong Bus&Coach’s U11DD electric bus represents a paradigm shift in urban transportation. With its striking design, advanced safety features, and impressive specifications, this bus redefines efficiency, comfort, and environmental responsibility. Yutong’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, passenger safety, and convenience sets them apart as leaders in the industry.

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