20 Best Practices to Prepare for the PTE-A Home Exam

PTE Exam Preparation can often leave test takers confused. Many end up with unauthentic materials on the internet, while others rely on PTE Classes and don’t achieve the desired results. Some test-takers are more different than others, so they prepare at home.

The question is, how can you practice PTE at home?

Preparing to take the PTE at home sounds like a great option. Let’s find out how we can do it.

These 20 tips will help you to practice PTE at home.

  1. You will need to get used to the PTE format, such as which section has how many tasks, how much time you have available for each section, and which sections contribute the most overall.
  2. Prepare a plan that is the same as the PTE Test.
  3. Improve your grammar skills.
  4. Analyse your communicative skills.
  5. Record your answers in loud, clear tones.
  6. Write grammatically correct sentences that are logically constructed.
  7. While practicing, do not use SMS language or other short forms. Instead, write complete sentences.
  8. Keep your mental and physical balance. Stress yourself not.
  9. Keep your time under control and practice as much as possible.
  10. Always proofread your answers.
  11. Practice materials should not be the only source of information. Sometimes, you can use magazines, newspapers, or articles on the internet to practice reading. Listen to podcasts, radio shows, and TV shows to practice listening.
  12. Use a good vocabulary to avoid repetition.
  13. You will need to practice spelling difficult words correctly, as you may lose marks in the PTE Exam.
  14. Practice speaking by not being silent, pause, or stopping while you practice.
  15. Practice writing while you listen to the listening section. This will allow you to take notes during the exam which will be extremely useful.
  16. Prepare study plans and a list of tips to be used for each task.
  17. You should practice answering the questions within the given word limit, especially the writing section. This factor will help you to be assessed.
  18. It is easy to improve your English by speaking English. Think in English and write down your points.
  19. When answering questions or summarizing the text, follow a format.
  20. You can find a quiet spot in your home to practice. This will allow you to get used to the environment.

Receive timely Expert’s Guidance

These 20 tips will help you get started with your PTE practice. But, it is important to always reach out to experts. Experts will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and guide you with the best solutions. Professional help can be provided to finalize your plan and make any necessary changes. Your tests can be evaluated according to the standards.


You now know how to self-study and get the PTE Academic Exam success. Expert guidance is also available.

PTE Self-Study + Expert Guidance = Success on the PTE Exam

The PTE Tutorials platform offers Experts guidance. You can access expert guidance via their online coaching. The app also includes a mobile app that allows you to practice listening and speaking by recording your answers. The highly informative Exam Memories Materials has been prepared by PTE Tutorials experts. It covers all repeated questions as well as the tips and strategies for the PTE Exam. Their YouTube channel has helpful videos and you can also read their blogs. You can also join the PTE Tutorials Telegram Group, which has thousands of PTE Aspirants.

You can win half of the battle by just taking one step. It’s your turn now.

Bio of the Author:

KRINA PATEL- Project Manager

As a solution to all your PTE practice needs, Krina Patel has teamed up with her team to create PTE Tutorials. This online portal provides PTE Test takers with many features that will increase their overall score as well as individual scores. You can use the test analytics, test evaluation, test analytics and practice videos to help you with your essay, describe image booklet, and other tasks.

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